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Since 1989, I began my career as a fitness professional/personal trainer: coaching, instructing, lecturing and motivating others to achieve their goals and live a healthier life. Educated and based in the USA, I work in both public and corporate fitness. I have also lived and worked in New Zealand, Belgium and now Spain.

My success and passion stems from my own personal transformation. Until I was in my mid twenties, I struggled with being overweight and sedentary. I was not an athletic child. One day I decided to change it and I did! With hard work, dedication and habit changes, I was able to transform my body and mind. Not only did I change my physical body but the strength and confidence it gave me allowed me to pursue dreams and endeavors I never imagined.

I am educated in the USA and hold many nationally/world recognized certifications. I continue to learn and regularly attend continuing education programs and gain more credentials. The fitness industry is always growing and changing thus I too!

Athletic achievements include: 1993 Miss New Zealand + 1995 Miss San Francisco
former amateur bike racer, formal recreational runner, rock climber and mountaineer, current recreational cyclist participating in Grandfondos/endurance events weight trainer and hiker.

"Changing Ordinary into Extraordinary!"
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