New or returning to exercisers: Set a plan!
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posted on 24 september 2014
Fitness by Farzan - New or returning to exercisers: Set a plan! Whether you are new to exercise or returning from time off, the best advice is to set up a plan.

Set a goal:

1. Be specific - this can be ANY goal. Perhaps you want to have more energy and endurance for an upcoming outdoor event, maybe you want to lose 5kgs, or want to gain strength so you can pick up your growing grandchildren! The goals will be different BUT by having a specific goal, it is easier to design a plan to meet it. This does not mean that the goal can change along the way but gives solid baseline and reason for your efforts.

2. Measurable - make sure there are ways to chart and see progress along the way. That way you can see your progress as well as stay motivated to keep going.

3. Attainable - When setting a goal and planning it, you must begin taking steps to set up attitudes, skills and maybe even the finances to achieve it. Anything is possible IF the steps are made to go about getting it.

4. Realistic - Are you willing and able to work toward this goal? Determine the roadblocks you may be facing. If through smart planning, hard work, focus and discipline can get you there, then it is attainable. However passion is needed to bypass any obstacles.

5. Timely - Set yourself a timeframe to accomplish the goal. Make it realistic to all your constraints yet a set period of time.

With this kind of framework, ANYTHING can be accomplished. By relaying this information to your coach/personal trainer, he or she can get you on the path to achieve your fitness goal!

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