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posted on 10 november 2014
Fitness by Farzan - Quick fixes! There is no doubt about it, We all want to see and feel results immediately! Instant body transformation with a minimal time investment is a common dream. Because of that, we are constantly bombarded by fad diets and exercise regimens that tout a dramatic outcome in a relatively short amount of time. In fact the market for this is a HUGE money maker. Diet book, home exercise equipment, exercise DVDs etc are some of the top money making products out there with little to no use.

Therefore every few months a new diet and exercise craze will hit the public as the "NEW" answer. Naturally, severe calorie restriction and extreme exercise will make dramatic changes to one's physique. However the problem is they are only temporary once the the regimen stops!

Liquid diets, fasting, cleanses, Paleo, high protein, gluten free are all popular and when started and followed for a period of time will give body composition results. The question is whether they are the healthiest OR can be maintained for any length of time?

I realize that many people use these methods as a catalyst to achieve a certain effect quickly, but the reality is once they discontinue and return to their "old habits" the weight returns and usually then some.

I see the same with FAD exercise routines and challenges. Often the routines are too intense and/or time consuming and either injury or boredom sets in and the user discontinues.

Thus it seems more sensible to make changes in both diet and exercise that are planned and intended to be followed throughout one's lifetime. Obviously a lifetime means that there may be ups, downs and changes. However the overall result will be maintained within realistic values. Being super lean or muscular is NOT in everyone's gene pool HOWEVER being excessively overweight and out of shape is NOT either! Finding a happy medium and maintaining it is the key.

Thus implementing a healthy, balanced diet coupled with a doable exercise routine that blends cardiovascular, muscular strength, agility and flexibility is key.

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