Being Accountable!
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posted on 22 november 2014
Fitness by Farzan - Being Accountable! I am often asked how do I stay motivated. After 25+ years of keeping fit, challenging myself with various sport activities, I too sometimes wonder that!

Seriously, the real answer is that I feel my best when I am active. However, that does not mean it is always easy to do and sometimes is even painful. But I do know that when I make it through that uncomfortable part I will feel great. I realize that discomfort is not a good incentive for many but understanding that not only is it doable but the after feelings of accomplishment followed by tangible results are well worth it and become in themselves more of a reason to become and stay fit.

A common thread within those who adhere to long term exercise is that they have support systems and ways to keep them accountable.

Here are a few ideas to create your own:

1. Commit to participate in an organized race/charity sporting event and announce it publicly. By committing, paying an entry fee and/or raising contributions and then telling it to friends, colleagues and family, you will need to be accountable. Having a set date/event deadline gives a tangible reason to work out!

2. Join a training group (bike, running, swim, hiking group etc) and attend the weekly workouts and events. Being surrounded by others who are motivated adds to the "the fire".

3. Join a gym, commit to a bootcamp or buy seesions with a personal trainer or coach. If personal training is to costly for your budget, most trainers will do "duo training" or small groups for a discounted rate. Surround yourself with others who love working out.

4. Try a new activity that requires you start as a beginner and have to take lessons. Not only will you need to commit to a length of time, you will open your mind and body to new things, new people and a new skill.

5 Set a goal, write it down and put reminders in places you see daily. Chart you progress by keeping a workout log/diary and then make a blog about it. by having others read it, you have both accountability for your success as well as inspiring others to also get motivated.

6. Make a pact with your family to support each other in various activities. Set goals for all of you with some sort of extra incentive when monthly targets are met. Incentives can be monetary, time off, "boys days, girls days" etc.

These are a few ideas but one thing is for sure: ONLY YOU are stopping YOU from being your best!

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