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posted on 28 september 2014
Fitness by Farzan - Finding the right coach/trainer Once you have set your goals and have decided to hire a trainer, here are a few tips on how to select one. However, first I've listed how many people find one. Second, some good tips on how to find the right one for YOU!

Word of mouth: this is usually the way people choose a particular coach/trainer. Maybe they have had a firend who has had success with one or maybe they have observed the trainer working with clients in the gym. Some people even chose a trainer on how he or she looks! However the thride choice is often misleading. Just because a trainer looks fit and can excel at sports does not mean he/she is a good teacher/coach. Coaching is much more than shouting out instructions and giving exercises. The exercises and training plan should be tailored to the individual based on goals, fitness and capeabitlities. In addition, the coach should be able to "read" the client and be able to coach according to YOUR learning and motivational style. A good coach will bring out THE BEST in you.

Whether you find one at your gym, over the internet, or have one referred by a friend, I reccommend you do the following:

1. Interview them - set up an appointment by phone, Skype, or in person to sit down and discuss your objectives as well as find out about the coach. Are they educated? Where did they get their credentials? Ask them about what kind of clients they have worked with and what their successes are. Do they regualarly continue their education?

2. Are they a good listener? - Do they ask YOU questions and then listen and repeat your answers? Are they taking notes or verbally repeating? Attentiveness shpuld be #1 skill you must require.

3. Do they live the lifestyle? - Does he/she make time for their own health and fitness?

4. Personality fit - Do you find it easy to converse and communicate? Do you feel comfortable and confident they will guide you to your goals? This is super important as you will be spending time and sharing personal data with them.

5. Must be a click! - Not only should you see results but feel good after your workouts and training sessions. This does not mean you will not have some muscle pain or other temporary discomfort from pushing yourself within your own abilities, but afterward feel a good connection with both your coach and your own well being.

To achive GREATNESS you must surround yourself with GREATNESS.

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