Adherence - a powerful aand necessary word for success
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posted on 15 october 2014
Fitness by Farzan - Adherence - a powerful aand necessary word for success One trait that all people who successfully reach their fitness goals have is adherence. That means they stay with their program through thick and thin. The secret is that they make adaptations with new habits and patterns and these become lifestyle changes. This usually happens when the changes come at a reasonable pace and are brought in over a period of time. Changing everything radically usually ends up with quitting and long term failure. thus fad diet and fad exercise routines are often the instigators of TEMPORARY successes. Rapid weight loss through extreme exercise will work BUT do not have long lasting results. Any regimen that requires taking meals in drink form, or pushing yourself with a workout program designed for an experienced elite athlete will result in short term results but more importantly, long term failure.

We have all witnessed the friend who has gone on a fad diet or popular exercise craze, lost weight but then returned to their old habits and gained it all back. This spiral effect is often called Yo Yo dieting as the perimeters were to strict or intense to keep as long term. As soon as the diet and.or routine stops the motivation is lost and the the old habits return.

Long term success is based on attaining smaller short term goals through overall lifestyle modifications. Prioritizing and changing habits is key for long term SUCCESS. However, one needs to factor in lapses, events, and other normal life happenings that create disturbance. learning how to include back up mechanisms and jumping back on track are essential to overall success.

Positive experiences always outweigh the negative ones thus creating new habits need to be fueled by positive experiences. In regards to exercise, one should access what incentivizes them. Group exercise? Exercising alone? If you have exercised in the past, what did you do that you enjoyed? If you looking for overall fitness, make sure you get a combination of cardiovascular, strength and flexibility components to ensure a good balance.

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