Realistic images and making sacrifices
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posted on 16 october 2014
Fitness by Farzan - Realistic images and making sacrifices I do believe in the power of positive imagery and using photographs as a motivator. This can be an effective way to inspire daily. However many of the images we are bombarded with ate not always ones that give a REALISTIC view.

Besides the use of Photoshop and in some cases genetic rarities, the images are often taken during extreme states of fitness and dieting and usually cannot be maintained "life long". More often than not, it is a temporary state that the photos are shot.

I am not saying that these images are unattainable but I do know that the diligent dieting and rigorous exercise required is more than most people are willing to do.

To achieve ANY goal, sacrifices must be made. To be realistic, one must prioritize based on what sacrifices he/she are willing to make based on overall lifestyle factors and willingness to change.

Strong character, support systems and most of all, extreme discipline are the necessary stepping stones for reaching transformation. Therefore if there is a GREAT enough reason which is fueled by passion, ANYTHING can be accomplished.

I proved this to myself twenty years ago when I decided to compete in bodybuilding contests. Through intense dieting and focused training, I transformed my body. However, I knew it could not be maintained to that level forever. Not because the rigorous training and austere dieting was unhealthy, as my body did adjust to it, it was more so that it limited me to a very rigid lifestyle. Eating socially became non existent as food was solely an instrument to survive.

Things to consider regarding honest body imagery:

1. Genetics - You inherit certain characteristics that cannot be changed. You have a predisposition to your body type and though you certainly can improve your physique, you cannot change things such as where body fat likes to store on you. You can however reduce bodyfat by diet and exercise modifications.

2. Age - Hormonal changes through the aging process alter skin elasticity, metabolism and other qualities which effect appearance.
Although this is natural and should be celebrated it is often looked down on as few media images portray the aging adult as inspirational.

3. Individuality - We are NOT all the same. Different shapes can all be healthy and beautiful. Long lean legs, six pack abs and defined arms are not achievable for everyone not are they the ONLY parameters for a strong and healthy YOU!

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