Expect the Best but prepare for the worst!
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posted on 27 october 2014
Fitness by Farzan - Expect the Best but prepare for the worst! Now that you are taking the steps with new habits such as adding regular activity in your life and making better food choices, you must be prepared for the challenges.

I am not talking about the physical challenges of pushing yourself with exercise or having discipline with the diet changes, but the ones that are thrown in via life! At some point, a schedule conflict or an event revolving around eating will come up. Whether it is an important meeting at work, a sick child at home, or unexpected car problems, something will inevitably come between you and YOUR workout time and meal plans.

This is exactly where back up plans need to be in place. Being flexible to rearrange schedules and have other forms of exercise available are both necessary. Of course, missing the occasional workout will not completely sabotage your fitness but it is not a good idea when you are in the beginning stages (21 days) of creating a new habit. if necessary, cut the duration time but don't skip the workout! Something is better than none especially in the period of building a new habit.

Common roadblocks are having to travel for work. However there are plenty of "on the go" exercise routines that can be done. I have devised plenty of travel exercise routines with lightweight elastic tubing, body weight exercises and even using the hotel stairwells! Learning how to make the best food choices while dining out can also keep you on track.

If you workout with a partner, be prepared to do it on your own! Although it is motivating to exercise with a friend, you can't be dependent on them IF and WHEN they don't. Stick to your plan and you will be thankful you did.

As to food choices: You can be prepared by buying and keeping healthy snacks at home, in your car and work place. This will save you from making poor choices based on impulse, hunger and the environment. Get in the habit of bringing extra food that can easily be stored at work or even in your car. Items such as nuts, fruits wholegrain/high fiber biscuits, energy bars made from fruits nuts and whole grains, oatmeal.. instant cups of miso soup, kale chips, raw carrots and celery, can all be easily stashed. If you have a refrigerator at work keep yogurt, peanut butter, low fat cheeses, hummus, fruits and other fresh vegetables stocked.

If your work and/or social life require you to dine out regularly, choose the leanest options and ask (if possible) that sauces be served on the side etc. If that is not possible, eat half of the portion, eat slowly and drink more water. Don't forget that alcohol is an easy way to add in extra calories! If you drink, try to match it with a glass of water.

Most importantly. the greatest thing to remember is if you do fall from the routine, do NOT give up! Reset your mind and move forward. Continuity is the secret and know that the path in not linear for long term success.

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