posted on 3 november 2014
Fitness by Farzan - Workouts "on the go" Sometimes there just does not seem like enough time in the day! Work, family, social obligations and other activities can get in the way from exercise time. Therefore having a few short but thorough exercise routines that can be done with minimal or no equipment is handy.

Owning elastic tubing, a set of medium weight dumbbells, a kettle bell, a physioball or a bench step are all inexpensive "toys" that used with other body weight exercises are a great alternative when time is short.

If your job requires that you travel and stay in hotels, chances are there will not be a fitness center. However by packing your workout shoes, an elastic band and doing other body weight exercises you can get a great workout! Squats, lunges, pushups. ...
posted on 27 october 2014
Fitness by Farzan - Expect the Best but prepare for the worst! Now that you are taking the steps with new habits such as adding regular activity in your life and making better food choices, you must be prepared for the challenges.

I am not talking about the physical challenges of pushing yourself with exercise or having discipline with the diet changes, but the ones that are thrown in via life! At some point, a schedule conflict or an event revolving around eating will come up. Whether it is an important meeting at work, a sick child at home, or unexpected car problems, something will inevitably come between you and YOUR workout time and meal plans.

This is exactly where back up plans need to be in place. Being flexible to rearrange schedules and have other forms of exercise available are both ...
posted on 20 october 2014
Fitness by Farzan - New Routines and Changing Habits! To succeed in reaching and attaining your health and fitness goals, there needs to be a click in your brain to create new habits. New patterns must be created and old ones discarded. This is easier said than done. However, if the desire for change is strong enough, then it is certainly doable.

Commitment, discipline and creating positive motivators are all required to make these changes happen. Research has shown that it takes approximately three weeks to from a new habit. Therefore, when starting a new routine, give yourself a twenty one day minimum period to focus on.

Review your prior habits. Perhaps you spend 2-3 hours a day watching television or surfing the internet? Maybe everyday at work you visit the vending machine and ...
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