posted on 16 october 2014
Fitness by Farzan - Realistic images and making sacrifices I do believe in the power of positive imagery and using photographs as a motivator. This can be an effective way to inspire daily. However many of the images we are bombarded with ate not always ones that give a REALISTIC view.

Besides the use of Photoshop and in some cases genetic rarities, the images are often taken during extreme states of fitness and dieting and usually cannot be maintained "life long". More often than not, it is a temporary state that the photos are shot.

I am not saying that these images are unattainable but I do know that the diligent dieting and rigorous exercise required is more than most people are willing to do.

To achieve ANY goal, sacrifices must be made. To be realistic, one must prioritize based on ...
posted on 15 october 2014
Fitness by Farzan - Adherence - a powerful aand necessary word for success One trait that all people who successfully reach their fitness goals have is adherence. That means they stay with their program through thick and thin. The secret is that they make adaptations with new habits and patterns and these become lifestyle changes. This usually happens when the changes come at a reasonable pace and are brought in over a period of time. Changing everything radically usually ends up with quitting and long term failure. thus fad diet and fad exercise routines are often the instigators of TEMPORARY successes. Rapid weight loss through extreme exercise will work BUT do not have long lasting results. Any regimen that requires taking meals in drink form, or pushing yourself with a workout program designed for an ...
posted on 28 september 2014
Fitness by Farzan - Finding the right coach/trainer Once you have set your goals and have decided to hire a trainer, here are a few tips on how to select one. However, first I've listed how many people find one. Second, some good tips on how to find the right one for YOU!

Word of mouth: this is usually the way people choose a particular coach/trainer. Maybe they have had a firend who has had success with one or maybe they have observed the trainer working with clients in the gym. Some people even chose a trainer on how he or she looks! However the thride choice is often misleading. Just because a trainer looks fit and can excel at sports does not mean he/she is a good teacher/coach. Coaching is much more than shouting out instructions and giving exercises. The exercises and ...
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